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Vu+ Receivers

The Vu+ is a series of Linux-powered DVB satellite, terrestrial digital television receivers (set-top box), produced by Korean multimedia brand Ceru Company Ltd. (a subsidiary of Marusys Co., Ltd.). Its firmware is officially user-upgradable, since it is a Linux-based computer, as opposed to third-party "patching" of alternate receivers. Firmware is based on Enigma 2, which was originally designed for Dreambox by Dream Multimedia. All units support Conax conditional access (CA) system, with software-emulated CA Modules (CAMs) available for many alternate CA systems. The built-in Ethernet interface allows networked computers to access the recordings on the internal hard disks and stream live picture from the tuners. It also enables the receiver to store digital copies of DVB MPEG transport streams on networked filesystems or broadcast the streams as IPTV to VideoLAN and XBMC Media Center clients. Unlike many PC based PVR systems that use free-to-air type of DVB receiver cards, the built-in conditional access allows receiving and storing encrypted content.

Vu+ Solo

PVR ready (via USB) digital and HDTV satellite receiver, with open-source Linux operating system (Enigma 2 ready). Features 2 Common Interface slots, 1 smartcard reader, and Ethernet port for online applications. Easy-to-use plug-ins including YouTube.

Vu+ Solo 2

New generation Linux-based twin HDTV (and digital) satellite receiver, VU+ Solo 2. Features PVR recording via USB or SATA, a fast 1300 MHz processor, Common Interface, 2 smartcard readers (Conax and XCrypt), EPG, web browser, Gigabit LAN, Scart, HDMI (full 1080p output), and 3 USB ports.

Vu+ Uno

PVR ready HDTV satellite receiver with Linux operating system, Enigma 2 ready. Supports Ethernet port, 2 smartcard readers, 2 CI slots and front VFD display.

Vu+ Duo

The VU+ Duo features 2 CI slots, and 2 card readers and an Ethernet port. Same operating system as the DM8000S but at less than half the cost. Running the Enigma2 operating system , software upgradable, 2 satellite tuners, ideal for usals, PLi, VTi, Black hole, Vix and tons more images available with daily updates. Server and Client capabilities.

Vu+ Duo2

The VU+ Duo 2 is a flagship Linux PVR-ready (via SATA or USB) HDTV receiver featuring 2 DVB-S/S2 satellite tuners. Features improved connectivity to mobile devices such as notebooks, tablets and mobile phones, a transcoding function, faster processors. Plus HDTV content can now be seen on all mobile iOS or Android devices. Specification includes 2 front displays (VFD and LCD), 2 Common Interface slots, 2 smartcard readers, Gigabit LAN, You Tube, web browsing, HbbTV, space for 4 plug and play tuners, and resolutions via HDMI up to 1080p.

Vu+ Ultimo

The VU + ULTIMO is a state-of-the-art HD PVR with up to 3 tuners on board. The VU+ ULTIMO is designed from a customers point of view. All remarks by the customers were taken into account and were implemented in this new design. The VU+ ULTIMO is equipped with an advanced pluggable-tuner system in which users can insert DVB-S2 tuners or DVB-C/T hybride tuners. The DVB-C / T hybrid tuner from VU+ can be used for DVB-C or DVB-T transmissions too. The VU+ ULTIMO offers more flexibility for the customer in every place in the world and this for satellite, cable or terrestrial reception.

Vu+ zero

There was one goal in developing ZERO from the beginning. Let’s make something more affordable to please more Vu+ fans. As the name stands for, suggests, ZERO is a remarkably competitive model pricewise while maintaining the performance and philosophy of Vu+ products. This is why ZERO is the most affordable DVB-S2 HD Zapper of Vu+ ever. It was certainly a challenging task to increase the affordability while not losing the performance that Vu+ pursues. So, ZERO comes with a 2000 DMIPS CPU powerful enough to support all demanding multimedia functions. Despite of its compact and slim design, all important connectors are nicely equipped as below: