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Remote Storage Backup

Ultra fast, secure and reliable

Online backup, also known as remote backup, is a method of offsite data storage in which files, folders, or the entire contents of a hard drive are regularly backed up on a remote server or computer with a network connection. The rationale behind online backup is simple. By frequently (or continuously) backing up data on a remote hard drive, the risk of catastrophic data loss as a result of fire, theft, file corruption, or other disaster is practically eliminated. With a high-speed Internet connection and a Web browser interface, the remote files and folders appear as if they are stored on an external local hard drive. Encryption and password protection help to ensure privacy and security.

All the plans on offer use the same secure and reliable technological solution that makes Remote Storage Backup such a cost effective method to protect your organization by ensuring that all your critical files are always protected.

Remote Storage Backup: Enterprise™

This plan is for those who need to be able to access their files on a day-to-day basis and who require the ability to go back in time. This plan includes a weekly archive on CD, DVD, Blue-ray, Tape or hard disks of the backups taken during the previous seven days. The archives may be stored either at the customer's premises or they may be retained in our data safes. With this plan a company ensures that, in the event of a query, the data as it stood at the end of each day can be looked at and analysed.

Remote Storage Backup: Business™

Aimed at the home, SOHO, business and those organizations that need to supplement their own backup strategy with an offsite repository of their files, this plan is primarily a safeguard against those situations when events cause precious data to be lost or when the granular facilities of the Enterprise plan are not necessary.

Remote Storage Backup: Offsite™

Aimed at those who simply need to have an offsite repository for their data as well as those organizations that want to supplement their own backup strategy with a secure offsite location, this option provides a cheap yet effective solution.

Remote Storage Backup: Store™

This solution provides storage space in the cloud with added benefits. You will be benefiting from the same tried and tested technology behind Remote Storage Backup, a technology that allows you to backup your data at massive speeds in a secure manner. This solution is ideal for those who want to suppliment their own backup strategy by retaining an offsite copy of their backups.

Remote Storage Backup: Custom™

Besides the options described above, we can offer customized Remote Storage Backup solutions to those organizations which have specific business needs. For example, we can offer appliance-based hardware solutions to address situations in which the amount of data that needs to be backed up is high-volume / rapidly / constantly changing. We can house your physical server rather than use ours. This would allow you greater autonomy about what you can install and the tasks you can perform on your physical machine. We offer virtualisation technologies that will allow you to host your own virtual servers on our servers. This provides an environment with similar options to having your own physical server. We can also offer solutions to those organizations that need to backup up high performance databases limiting the amount of time the database is offline. Organizations that need an effective solution to replicate data stored on multiple remote computers and servers are welcome to contact us for a simple and effective solution.

Remote Storage Backup: Site Sync™

Companies who have multiple locations use our Remote Storage Backup solutions to synchronize their data between their own sites. This ensures data at their different locations is replicated to their various computers thereby guaranteeing that if anything happens at one site, the documents are available at the others. This technology also allows the different sites to have access to the data at other locations in a quickest and most efficient manner possible.

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