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Video Editing

Video editing is the process of manipulating and rearranging video shots to create a new work. Editing is usually considered to be one part of the post production process — other post-production tasks include titling, colour correction, sound mixing, etc. There are many reasons to edit a video and your editing approach will depend on the desired outcome. These include: Removal of unwanted footage; Creating a flow; Add effects, graphics, music; etc

Video Conversions: VHS-C, SVHS and Mini DV to DVD

Where are your Memories going? Slowly Fading Away

Right this very moment, your precious memories are fading away. Dust, oxygen, humidity and the passage of time are relentlessly eating away at those most important moments in your life. Your snapshots and family photo albums, your home movies and VHS tapes, your slides and negatives… all are gradually fading, degrading and being eaten away by the passage of time.

Don’t let your VHS-C Home Movies fade away!

Grab that box full of VHS-C tapes and rescue them from the dangers of time before it’s too late. Convert your VHS-C to DVD so you can preserve and enjoy your video memories for generations to come.

Stuck with a bunch of Super VHS tapes and no SVHS VCR?

If you got married in the late ‘80s or ‘90s chances are your wedding video is on SVHS, an improved upon format of VHS tapes that look almost identical at first glance but the quality of SVHS is almost twice that of VHS. Trust us for the best quality SVHS to DVD tranfer.

Enjoy all your MiniDV tapes on DVD

Relive the forgotten memories on your MiniDV tapes by converting MiniDV to DVD for easy playback on your DVD player. No more crawling behind the TV cabinet in search of the proper cable or hunting for that spare battery. Simply enjoy your MiniDV home movies on DVD.